Throughout my life, I have been on a journey of self-discovery. While on that journey, I have faced many obstacles that could have defeated me. As I walked the path of discerning God’s purpose for my life, I (admittedly) made many mistakes along the way that could have killed me. If you are anything like me, you can profess, “BUT GOD!!!” God placed a call on my life and has taught me how to not be bitter about my former bondage. He broke through my chains! Now, I share with you those wisdom keys as resources are created to mitigate the tragedies of life that can overtake you.

The God-inspired resources presented here will help you break free of the bondages that restrain you in life – whether it be fear of starting your business, starting or changing careers, returning to school, or taking on something totally new. I encourage you to allow me to help you turn your bondage into bridges that connect you to present opportunities. Through faith and action, you can move beyond adversity by creating solutions for success. You can experience freedom by joining me on your own walk of faith. You will receive transformational instruction that will change your life today!