conqueror-bookcoverCONQUEROR! No WeaPAIN Formed Shall Prosper
Do you find yourself at a crossroad, unable to fully grasp your purpose on this Earth? Is your mind, body, soul, and spirit at odds? Is pain blocking your progress – paralyzing you from moving forward? Even with positive affirmations and a change in your thinking, have you been unable to proceed? Do you feel trapped, alone, and isolated – like you will never reach your goals? If you answered “YES!” to one or more of those questions, CONQUEROR! is for you. Through faith-in-action, you will learn how to move beyond adversity by creating tangible solutions for success.

Within the pages of CONQUEROR!, you will explore two levels of pain. You will become equipped to learn how to move past them and walk into a life of purpose. You will explore the transparency of my personal testimony and walk in a freedom you never imagined! I promise: You will not experience another book like this one.

Nikki Cheree’s CONQUEROR! was handcrafted just for you – whether you are starting your own business, returning to school, or taking on a totally new task. Be prepared for your life to be immensely enriched as you learn how to overcome pain…and WIN!



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poised2produceNEW RELEASE!
Poised 2 Produce – 1st Edition from Nikki Cheree’s P2P Lifestyle Collection
Nikki Cheree’s mission is to help you develop a lifestyle focused on growth and development in every area of your life. Her book, CONQUEROR!, focuses on moving from Pain 2 Passion – overcoming adversity. However, there are fundamentals you can embed within different seasons of your life in order to sustain a life of passion!

Our society is crowded with individuals who are “Jacks of all trades – and Masters of none”. Poised 2 Produce will provoke you to spend time honing in on your skills and become a ‘Master’ in your areas of talent. Movement from ‘mediocre’ to a Mastery-mindset can be achieved.  Nikki Cheree will deliver dynamic, life-changing principles of how you are “Poised 2 Produce” in the Earth and can ultimately maximize your full potential.

From the washroom to the classroom to the boardroom, this audio teaching provides wisdom keys that will guide you on how to develop your skills. Poised 2 Produce will prepare you for the next level of opportunities that exist in and for your life – in God’s way!

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