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“I am moving from mediocrity to mastery…Powerful call!”
~ Tonya McGuire

“Never again will I be mediocre! Never again will I be mediocre! I AM Mastery!”
~ LaKeisha Dixon

“After tonight…I can honestly say I’ll NEVER be the same!”
~ Marissa Bell Wilson



Join us as Nikki describes the beauty of her passion to overcome life’s obstacles.  What would your life look like if you faced your obstacles?  Would you be free to move forward with grace and courage?  Wouldn’t that be time, stress, and money-saving?




Ronda Cobb, BSME  


nikkicheree-webgreenNikki Cheree
Human Resources Director

“My job is full of complexity, challenge, and the opportunity to have a broad impact. In such a fast-paced and continually changing environment, I’m excited to partner with leadership to develop strategy, achieve flawless execution, and build exceptional teams.”

As an indispensable and trusted partner in Corporate America, Nikki Cheree finds her motivation by playing a big role in people’s lives to build a culture of success. She strives to positively affect the lives of her people and teams, ensuring they are armed with a strong foundation of tools and resources that enhance each employee’s ability to be effective.

Nikki Cheree is a true advocate for women to bring their authentic self into the workplace – and to be confident in who they are and what their skills and capabilities may be. Being a champion, sponsor, mentor, and coach – just a few of the “hats” Nikki Cheree wears each day – allows her to promote growth and development within her teams.

As a collaborative leader, Nikki Cheree knows first-hand that building strong relationships can ultimately align her teams for success. “We are better together; therefore, I actively listen and empower my teams to be autonomous and make decisions,” said Nikki Cheree.

Nikki Cheree recognizes that gender-balanced and diverse teams are our true platforms for success, enabling any group to maximize their intellectual and creative ability to produce results. She draws on previous experiences, where she was responsible for working with affinity groups to develop annual plans and foster collaboration them.

The values that Nikki Cheree practices in the workplace are also a true representation of who she is. A firm believer in “You reap what you sow”, Nikki Cheree relies on her values to make a difference in the lives of people by developing training programs that cater to women within her local community. She has created workshops for women to help them discover what their passions are and what success looks like – and works to help them each establish a pathway to achieve their goals. A new author, Nikki Cheree is excited to share her passions for overcoming adversity in her first book published this year.